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Unleashing the Power of Chat GPT in Education!

educational chatbot examples

It would be useful for you to create your own summary and compare it to what the AI generated. Although it can create text depending on the information supplied, it may not completely comprehend the context or background of the timetable. This might result in erroneous or partial replies that are unhelpful to you. Below, you will see a list of activities that will allow you to engage with AI tools, but in a way which will be personalised to you or your group’s academic needs. Try these activities with the assistance of AI, and see what it comes back with.

Because many students have different learning styles, it falls to the educator to change their teaching style. But now, there are several companies developing digital platforms with AI to provide tailored learning to students all the way up to university level by identifying gaps in their knowledge. The LeadDesk chatbot handled questions from approximately 20,000 attendees. A conversational chatbot, on the other hand, is designed to understand and respond to a conversation in a natural, human-like manner. To be able to do this, the chatbot is equipped with artificial intelligence and access to knowledge databases and other information so it can become ‘contextually aware’.

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Checking for inventory is something a customer can do by searching for and visiting a particular product page. And as for making recommendations, support agents know that coming up with suggestions can take up a lot of time. Performers, sports teams, organizations, nonprofits, and anyone creating an event can use chatbots to smoothly sell tickets to their fans and audiences. For example, PVR Cinemas own one of the largest chains of movie theatres in India. And on their website, you’ll find a chatbot that helps visitors quickly book movie tickets, view offers, and leave feedback. Once the chatbot is set up, the company can add it to their event’s webpage and/or app then let it interact with customers.

educational chatbot examples

Such tools execute processes much more smoothly and bring better results. Every business dreams to be operational 24/7 and serve customers even after the shop has closed and the business day has come to an end. But for many medium-to-small businesses, building such an enterprise, where customers are served day-and-night, is not possible. A better solution instead would be to categorize products into specific and limited categories, then gently guide users through the product catalog and ask them what products they wish to see. A company using this chatbot use case to great effect is– a cold email automation tool. If prospects are left confused with your pricing, they might decide not to go through with the purchase.

Artificial intelligence in nursing education 1: strengths and weaknesses

“Asking students questions like, ‘Tell me in three sentences what is the Krebs cycle in chemistry? ’ That’s not going to work anymore, because ChatGPT will spit out a perfectly fine answer to that question,” said Hart-Davidson, who suggests asking questions differently. For example, give a description that has errors and ask students to point them out. — Will students get falsely accused of using artificial intelligence platforms to cheat? In one case last semester, a Texas A&M professor wrongly accused an entire class of using ChatGPT on final assignments. Schools must work with their technology partners to implement comprehensive training plans that cover every aspect of the use of AI, both in the classroom and outside it.

educational chatbot examples

This while at the same time the chatbot owners themselves are accused of infringing intellectual property rights by those whose texts, documents, photos or other things are used precisely to ‘feed’ the chatbot algorithms. Two presentations at the Centre for Distance Education (CDE) October 2019 workshop on Supporting Student Success aimed to answer that question by presenting research findings from their CODE Teaching and Research Award projects. Dr Alberto Asquer (SOAS), discussed how chatbots can be used not only to provide remote students with answers to simple questions about courses but also to engage distance learners in dialogue to support knowledge development.

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You can see how they ask relevant questions and offer options to select the problem the customer is facing. By using the answers the customers give the chatbot, they can build customer profiles as well. In the above screenshot, you can see a demonstration of how a survey chatbot works. The company’s chatbot asks the customer if they would like to participate in the survey. They can simply choose from the ‘options’ provided under the question to move through the survey. Plus, the use of images, GIFs, and videos above the questions makes the survey less boring.

Also, customers may not want to admit to the customer service department that they are having problems understanding the pricing plan. Generally, the customer has to email the customer support department educational chatbot examples and wait for a reply. Or they have to call the company’s support line and move from one agent to another. All this involves the customer having to do a lot of steps and possibly wait a long time.

Chatbots can also Handle Student Counselling for Academia and Campus Life

However, an outright ban on AI tools is a too-regressive step, according to some universities. As a student suggested in a recent ES Insider article, chatbots can be handy for collating research. This can reduce the busy work of a certain stage of essay writing, without removing the more intellectually challenging parts. Returning to the topic of the use of chatbots in the academic field, there are already examples where, in order to avoid these problems, some academic institutions have banned the use of chatbots by students.

educational chatbot examples

Thus, the chatbot is a platform for both teachers’ and learners’ new exposure to teaching and learning different language skills in different contexts (Adam et al., 2021). This is especially true for developing EFL speaking skills (Divekar et al., 2021). Chatbots can also help teachers create more engaging learning experiences by providing real-time feedback and personalized recommendations for further study.

Can chatbot self learn?

A self-learning chatbot, also known as an AI or intelligent chatbot, is a type that uses machine learning algorithms to enhance its performance over time continuously. This indicates that the chatbot can acquire knowledge from user interactions and modify its responses accordingly.

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